Best Renovations For Your Rental Property

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For a landlord, there is no bad news or enemy bigger than a vacant rental property. For landlords, they must master the art of getting and retaining renters. To get and retain renters, the rental property must be comfortable, functional, and attractive. So that it can attract the prospective tenants. Keep in mind to avoid renovating the rental property as you renovate your home.

The rental property must be renovated to meet the modern requirements but do not put as much effort and money as you invest in your house renovation. As the renters are not likely to take care of the place as much as you would. Therefore, invest according to the interest of the tenants. To help you with increasing rental value we have suggested a few improvements.

1. Renovate The Kitchen

The rental place should be a black canvas so that the tenants can modify the place according to their taste. Make renovations that produce great returns, such one renovation is kitchen renovation. You can upgrade the appliances in the kitchen. Try to match everything present in the kitchen, there should be a well-balanced combination.

Upgrade things that will enhance the functionality of the kitchen. In the aesthetics domain, try to give the kitchen cabinets a new look. You can simply paint them and top them off with hardware for a modern look. You can also invest in countertops. Make sure to choose a material that is durable and can resist harsh heat, scratches, and stains.

2. Remodel The Bathroom

An updated bathroom is something that can be a heavy upgrade as most of the tenants look for clean bathrooms. It is one of the easter improvements as you can simply replace the toilet seat, add a shower, update the faucet, etc. In case the place has a small bathroom then you must look for ways to enhance the space and provide a storage place.

This gives the bathroom a functional look which is desired by the tenants but hard to find. You can also install a bathtub or shelves. Shelves do not occupy much space but give a storage place. To elevate the design of the bathroom, add a new vanity and more counter space if you have room.

3. Update Curb Appeal

The outside of the property is the primary thing that tenants notice when they enter the place. Hence, make sure to create a first impression by opting for essential tenant improvement techniques. You can enhance the landscape of the front lawn. But try to keep it low maintenance, as the renters won’t be able to pay much attention to it regularly. You can also plant new trees, and grass, and add a small garden. Paint the exterior, trim the trees, etc.

4. Paint And Update Easy Fixes

This is probably the most important and easy step that you can opt for to boost the vibe of your rental property. Painting the walls with neutral colors will provide the renters with a blank canvas which they can modify as per their preferences. You can also install new fixtures to give the place a modern look and to brighten the rooms.

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